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The Intelligent Data Logger

Simple upload procedure

Clean, easy to read graphs

Overlays & Maths Channels

Timing Ticket markers

Realtime display

Realtime playback

User-configurable Data sheets

User-friendly sensor installation

Calibration Wizard


Why Do Top Racers Choose RevStore Data Loggers?
Drag Racing is NOT easy!  Even the most skilled racers experience their vehicle under-performing or developing faults without the crew having a clear idea of why. Too often the remedies involve trial and error rather than skill and judgement. RevStore Data Loggers remove the guesswork to get you back ‘on track’ and here are some of the reasons how and why . . .
Problem Diagnosis
All that money invested on that engine, but can you be really sure its running flat out? Are you suffering niggly little problems throughout the season ­ dropping cylinders, losing fuel pressure mid track, battery voltage fluctuations, sticking solenoids and many other gremlins, resulting in poor results week in week out. The RevStore graphs often pin-point problems which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye and only be resolved through time-consuming trial and error replacement of expensive parts.
Prevent Potential Problems
Spot creeping problems before they do costly damage to the engine or vehicle. Would you know if your fuel pump is degrading causing the engine to run lean, increasing the risk of piston failure? Is your lenco/clutch slipping threatening to expose your connecting rods to the outside world, and your wallet to costly repair bills?
Involve Your Pit Crew
The RevStore data logger will increase the involvement of your crew by allowing them to experience the race and make scientific judgements about vehicle performance. Without a Data Logger onboard it is pure speculation.
Recording Catastrophic Failures
Failures often happen in an instant ­ a data logger will capture and display the operation of the vehicle throughout the failure and give valuable “black box” insight into the cause. Use the knowledge to prevent it happening again.
Is your vehicle running the correct gear ratios? This is a crucial area often missed and easy to spot on the RevStore.
Monitoring Rider Performance
Throttle control and shift point accuracy can be precisely monitored and provide invaluable feedback as to how the rider alone can improve their own performance. Are you making the assumption it’s the vehicle for poor performance rather than pilot induced error?
Monitoring Clutch Slippage
One of the most effective improvements in a vehicle’s elapsed time comes from a good clutch setting. RevStore data loggers provide the best way of recording and analysing the clutch performance.
Realtime Monitoring

Make last minute tuning adjustments in the pit with real-time views - ensuring fuel pressures, exhaust temperatures, battery voltage and other dynamic parameters are at optimal levels prior to the run.
Performance History
By reviewing your data over successive races, or even over successive seasons, you can relate the changes in your performance to the changes you make to your vehicle.


Tracecraft Software
No data logger is complete without software to analyse the recorded data. The Tracecraft software supplied with all our data loggers is both powerful and easy-to-use. Tracecraft software avoids the need to have a Computer Science Degree to operate the system. The software features include:
Simple upload procedure
Transferring data from the logger to the PC can be complicated. Tracecraft’s unique automated upload procedure guarantees safe storage of your valuable data.

Clean, easy to read graphs
Tracecraft has not forgotten the most  important feature ­ the graphs. The graphs are presented in an uncluttered and easy to read format, which is vital for quick analysis when working under pit lane pressure. Drive the display with a mouse or keyboard. Show graph data values at any point in time.
One of the most powerful features of the Tracecraft software, is the ability to overlay previous runs along side the current run to highlight differences. Pinpoint improvements and losses, speed gained and time lost.
Maths Channels
Maths channels are virtual channels derived from mathematical formula applied to one or many channel data sources. Typical examples are Clutch Slippage or generating an Average Exhaust Temparature graph.
Real time display
A real-time view using a familiar user-configurable dashboard style dials of all channels is available for confirming sensor operation and making dynamic measurements.

Real time playback
In addition to viewing the data in graph format, the runs may be played back on dials in real time to aid understanding of the data. An audio/visual cue system allows for mpeg movies to be sync’d to the playback.
Timing Ticket entry
Timing Ticket information is associated and stored with each run and helps avoid losing the information on those vital little pieces of paper! Markers may be displayed on graphs to indicate the track position points from the Timing Ticket.
Data Sheets
Data Sheets give the facility to record a comprehensive range of vehicle parameters with each run, much like a logbook. Tracecraft includes this unique configurable system to facilitate relating changes in vehicle performance to changes made to your vehicle set-up as the season progresses.
User-friendly sensor installation and Calibration Wizard
You do need to tell the logger which sensor is connected to which channel, but a user friendly wizard makes this process as simple as possible - an electronics degree is not required! All data loggers are supplied with the Tracecraft software at no extra cost*.
The software is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000tm.
* charges may be made for upgrades